What happens in the mirror does not stay in the mirror.

Posted by vibrantone on 23 May 2014 in Blog

IMG_0914_MADDY_Patryce_Bak-webI have learned to dance in the mirror. This morning as I began to move, I saw my mass of messy morning curls, and I wanted to see them in motion. I swung my hips from side to side and smiled at the bounce and swing of my head and hair mimicking my motherly movement. I dropped my neck and allowed the undulation to take me over… all the way from the wild unleashed feminine curls through the soles of my bare calloused cave-woman feet. I remembered.

I used to agonize over this unruly head of mine. I tamped it down, knew just where the clips and barrettes and tiny elastics needed to be placed to avoid the embarrassment of what I was certain, every eye on my crazy curls. I found the right products to dampen the halo effect of ever expanding frizz. I researched and discovered the best haircutters.

Over time, I learned to stop longing for the pageboy cropped styles I had clipped from magazines, and began to embrace the signature look I was born with. As I grow older, wiser, more sure of my irreverent nature, I accept compliments with grace and pleasure.

My curls are my teacher. I have learned to be me. I am becoming more unabashed in my desire to live and work and relate, every day, as my honest self.

The latest part of this lesson is coming soon in the form of a brand new website! Vibrant One has been my testing ground for outward expression for more than five years now. I have loved it and learned so much! And now it’s time for the next. What’s next, is TA-DAAA!!

On MaddyV you’ll see more of me in golden glittery curly irreverent unabashed glee! I will write and share and welcome you to join me in discovering your own true light, your singular expression of beauty. We will swing our hips and dance in mirrors together.

Oh what fun the summer brings! See you there soon!


Double-booked and dropping balls everywhere

Posted by vibrantone on 11 February 2014 in Blog
I am not alone

photo credit: Heidi Schlenk She sat in the coffee shop, in a new town - a place she'd never been before, waiting. I didn't show. I had responded enthusiastically to her request for help, for sisterhood. Because I'm familiar with what she's going through, from my own life experience. And it's important to me to be a woman who can be counted on to be there, to listen, to show up. But I didn't. Ironically, as she waited for me, I was on the phone being attended to by a friend I can count on ... Read More

Go pee before you read this!

Posted by vibrantone on 5 February 2014 in Blog
bio break

Seriously. Check in with your bladder. How long have you been holding it? ...pretending not to notice that you're crossing your legs so you don't have to walk all the way down the hall to the bathroom just to get that last paragraph written, send the important email before you forget, make a quick phone call, attend to that sticky note on your computer? Consider this a friendly public service announcement. Potty breaks are the most basic form of self-care. It's silly that I have to remind you, I know, and you're chuckling about it - but am I ... Read More

Crying on my way to work

Posted by vibrantone on 27 January 2014 in Blog

Circa mid-2004, my life looked perfect. I had: a healthy 6-year-old boy and 9-month-old girl a happy marriage a nice house with a two-car garage a dual income household a cushy part-time role I created for myself at a respected company a great boss and co-workers an influential career working with appreciative colleagues So what was the problem? Every single morning on my drive from day-care center to office building, I reflexively reached toward the CD's for my Coldplay fix... cranked the volume, and commenced crying buckets of tears. Something was wrong, wrong, wrong. Have you felt this way before? Did you let it well up until ... Read More

Mental attitude, spiritual poise, and embodied well-being

Posted by vibrantone on 2 January 2014 in Blog

artist credit: Sophia Libby, Emma Libby, Ella Vertenten 'What if your one New Year's Resolution for 2014 is to love yourself more?' Have you been watching this question pop up repeatedly over the last several days? I hear it because it is what I desire and need most of all right now. At age 45, I've come to realize that for where I intend to steer the course of the rest of my life; self-flagellation, criticism, and berating are no longer viable motivators. The 'stick' method does work, but only up to a point, while also inflicting ... Read More

Be well, Vibrant One

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