Double-booked and dropping balls everywhere

Posted by vibrantone on 11 February 2014 in Blog
photo credit: Heidi Schlenk

photo credit: Heidi Schlenk

She sat in the coffee shop, in a new town – a place she’d never been before, waiting.

I didn’t show.

I had responded enthusiastically to her request for help, for sisterhood. Because I’m familiar with what she’s going through, from my own life experience. And it’s important to me to be a woman who can be counted on to be there, to listen, to show up. But I didn’t.

Ironically, as she waited for me, I was on the phone being attended to by a friend I can count on when I need a lift. And I did this morning, need a lift.

As the day continued my phone and inbox reminded me about commitments of personal, business, community, and family varieties. Most I am barely keeping up with, many I am lagging behind, several I utterly dropped.


I have to recognize that I am myself (the self-described advocate for balanced wellness and self-care) dropping the largest ball of all this week. I experienced one hiccup  in a world full of challenges offered for my personal growth and lost all hope. Translation: I went to bed late without brushing my teeth or washing my face. I slept in. I awoke late. I skipped my workout. I forgot my kid’s early carpool for math team. I didn’t read my morning inspiration. I didn’t meditate. I yelled at a couple people I live with. Balls absolutely everywhere.

I know you you have days like this. Because we all do. In all the chaos of our very-full lives, we drop balls regularly,

and we are not alone.

So for me, and for you this week. I am calling us together. This Thursday night, please join me for You are not alone: A virtual women’s circle. We’ll meet on the phone for an hour. We’ll connect with ourselves and each other. I won’t record this one so we can get super honest and vulnerable. And I’ll probably do it again every month or so (as needed). Because we need this.

No need to register, just call in at 8pm (east)/5pm (west) with your cup of tea or comfort from a quiet place, ready to attend to your most basic needs. Self-honoring. Recognition. Community. Care. The number is 712-432-0075 access code: 632053#

If you have to miss this one, take it as a cue to attend to your own self-care in a way you may have been forgetting lately. It doesn’t have to be a major event, it can be very simple. For ideas and to stay connected with me, click here to download my suggestions to begin.


Go pee before you read this!

Posted by vibrantone on 5 February 2014 in Blog
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