Coaching with Maddy

Daily practice, inspiration + action
an Advocate to point you toward
where you desire to go:

More money.
Better relationships.
A healthier body.
Career with a purpose.
What success means to you.


I’VE BEEN HERE. I had a crappy relationship with money and believed I would only ever earn a small income. I went through a divorce and got married again – making all the same relationship mistakes with a great guy. I was disconnected from my own body, confused by conflicting messages about healthy lifestyle, and outsourced healthcare to people I didn’t trust. I felt trapped in a career for the paycheck and benefits with limited growth potential. And I definitely did not see how my daily actions were making any difference in a world I where I so longed to make a difference & create a positive impact.

SINCE THOSE DAYS I’VE DEDICATED MYSELF to learning and integrating new skills, daily practices, and insights about defining my reality, creating a Healthy + Beautiful Life. For years I shared what I learned with managers, executives and private clients in the corporate world. After that I worked exclusively with my business partners. And now I’m expanding my coaching practice to bring it to YOU.


  • Well Body: Discuss health goals + online assessment ~  no fee (20 minutes)
  • Biz Owner Brainstorm: Jam sessions for inspiration and strategic action ~ $160 (50 minutes)


  • Design your Life: Guided vision, action steps & home practice tailored to your personal definition of success (two 50-minutes calls/month)
  • Corporate Consult: For execs and managers on career and culture (two 50-minutes calls/month)


  • $350/month for Design Your Life & Corporate Consult Programs
  • Advance deal: Three months of sessions scheduled in advance ~ $800


Contact Maddy to get started


Be well, Vibrant One

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