FRIDAYS 7-10  ~ coffee w/ Team Northrup-Yarmouth *Contact Maddy to attend*

Team Northrup Telegatherings with

Dr. Christiane Northrup & team leaders

Be inspired, educated, and uplifted in this half-hour, intimate gathering with one of the world’s most well-respected voices in women’s health and the mind/body/spirit connection

JAN 7 ~ Craving Free ~ Satisfying cravings in all the wrong places

*Contact Maddy for call details*

Discover Beautiful Science & Glowing Skin

Indulge your skin & senses with a beautiful blend of nutrition, cellular science, and pleasure.  

~ spa day events 
 ~ consult by phone/Facetime
 ~ ‘kitchen sink facial’ in your own home
 ~ Health & Beauty Bag ~ try Sense’ at home for three days

Try it today

Vibrant Life Initiative
Love Your Body 2014

Are you ready to reset your body, eliminate sugar cravings, and adopt a healthy lifestyle with low-glycemic foods? It all starts with the 5-day Sugar-Busters program, including coaching from the experts and support from Maddy.

Details & dates 

~  Vibrant Life Master Class

~  Coaching
~  Vibrant Biz

Be well, Vibrant One

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