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Team Northrup Telegatherings
with Dr. Christiane Northrup & Team Northrup Leaders

Be inspired, educated, and uplifted in this half-hour, intimate gathering with Team Northrup leaders and one of the world’s most well-respected voices in women’s health and the mind/body/spirit connection. For Team Northrup members and first-time guests only.

 Monday, September 23

Money maven Kate Northrup shares her new book with us! Money: A Love Story is about 
identifying the value of things in your life and seeing who you truly are in relation to money. 
Like other relationships, living happily with money really comes down to love.  Join Kate 
Northrup as she shares about her brand new book and leading women’s health expert Dr. 
Christiane Northrup and her sister Penny Northrup Kirk as they share their money love stories. 

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